Problem Based Learning

Effect Size d= 0.15  (Hattie's Rank=118)

Dr Mandy Lupton analyses the research that Hattie used in detail here. She found that Hattie predominantly used studies on Medical, Nursing and University students. Many of the studies did not measure achievement but other aspects such as behaviour and Hattie does not distinguish between the many nuances of different types of Problem Based Learning strategies in different contexts.

Lupton concludes,

The studies have different effect sizes for different contexts and different levels of schooling, thus averaging these into one metric is meaningless.

The relevance of higher education contexts to K-12 contexts is dubious.

The distinction between problem-solving in relation to solving well-structured problems and ill-structured problems should be teased out rather than bundled together.

Bianca Hewes gives detailed reflections on Problem and Project Based Learning and Hattie's model here.